Take Your Time

The 2048 game is so easy to play, that you might get into the habit of tearing through quick games without even really paying attention to what you are doing. This is NOT a good idea. Take your time, work out your moves, there is no time penalty. Also, try to predict where new blocks might come in and differing possibilities on how to deploy them. Several 2048 game strategies are laid out below.


1. Combine Small Tiles

For most of the game, it’s much more important to make 8s, 16s, and 32s than to aim for a single larger number. As these mid-range tiles gather near your chosen corner tile, this will set you up for chain reactions of several combinations, which will get you much further than focusing on building one single tile higher by itself.


2. Maneuver Around Small, Trapped Tiles

Sometimes (or often), things won’t work out perfectly, and you may end up with a small numbered tile trapped between a 256 and a 64, or similarly inconvenient positions. This is a good time to STOP, think about each move and attempt to free that small numbered tile. There are a couple different strategies for this:

  • Select a tile next to the trapped tile, and plan on how to combine it. For a larger numbered tile, try planning several moves ahead. Once you have set it up with an equal tile next to it, swipe so the tile you’ve been planning to combine is the one that moves.
  • Also, you can create a gap in the row with the small, trapped tile, then shift left and right until you position it over a tile it can combine with, although this does not work well on a crowded board.


3. Move Corner Tile When Forced to, Then Return it Back

You will always come to a point where you’re forced to move your corner tile out of position.  When this happens, plan to see which of the available moves will benefit you most. Swipe in that direction, then swipe back to return the high-value tile to the corner.


4. Possible Starting Strategy: Start Game by Swiping Left and Right Several Times

Start a new 2048 game and then swipe left and right rapidly. Continue until you have a couple rows of 2s, 4s, and 8s. This will usually put you in a good position and gets you your larger numbered tiles faster.


5. Possible Game Strategy: High Tile Number Buildup in a Corner

Combine the early tiles into a 16 or 32 and put it in a corner. Try to keep this tile in place for as long as you can, and slowly build it higher and higher. To stop the highest value tile from leaving the corner area, try to pack tiles around it, preferably other biggest tiles. If you can master this simple strategy, you may be able to reach the final 2048 tile to win the game!


Keep Playing and Apply These Strategies to Improve Your 2048 Scores

Don’t expect to win the first several times you play the 2048 game, as it typically takes an understanding of how the game works to win. Just apply some of the strategies described above, and keep playing while you improve your scores. You will eventually understand how the game works and you may be able to finally beat the game!

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