Mars Tomorrow

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Mars Tomorrow

The free-to-play browser simulation game Mars Tomorrow, from Gamefabrik and Bytro Labs, explores the Red Planet and saves humanity. Your goal is to ensure that the planet Mars is suitable for human habitation and save civilization from extinction. A mission to settle on Mars will occur in 2100, as the Earth is dying. Along with other intrepid colonists, you will embark on this mission together. Become the pinnacle of off-planet civilization through research and development!

Having settled on the hostile planet, you begin transforming it into a green and habitable environment. Creating a new home through terraforming allows you to generate a sustainable economy. Initially, you will have a small colony, which you can expand by producing goods and building new buildings. You can enhance trade and further colony development by forming a guild with other settlers.

Take on the role of a brave space pioneer – join millions of real players around the world. Building a massive transportation network on Mars becomes the last hope for humanity.