Poly Track

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Poly Track

Join the exhilarating racing adventure of Poly Track, a fast-paced game inspired by the incredible TrackMania series. Get ready for heart-pounding action as you race against the clock, navigating loops, conquering jumps, and reaching astonishing speeds. In this game, every millisecond counts, so take control and aim for racing glory in this addictive low-poly experience.

Poly Track features captivating gameplay with a variety of tracks, each packed with unique obstacles and thrilling challenges. The game also includes a powerful level editor that lets you unleash your creativity by designing custom tracks. Challenge your friends and the gaming community with your masterpieces, and watch them compete to beat your creations.

With the level editor, you can create, export, and share tracks, allowing others to enjoy and compete on your custom designs.

Game Controls

WASD or the arrow keys to drive.
R or enter to restart the track.

Game Editor

Left mouse button to build.
Middle mouse button to rotate the view.
Right mouse button to pan the view.
Shift + mouse wheel to go up or down.
R to rotate the selected part.
It is also possible to rebind keys in the settings.